A Smart Social Media Strategy for Small Tech Companies

Most of the social media advice for marketers applies to large, not small companies. A large company with a 10+ person marketing department has the resources it needs to be active on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest, SlideShare…A large company doesn’t need to depend on social media for branding and driving leads.

Small tech companies, and I am referring to tech companies here because this is a market we are familiar with, need to focus marketing efforts on creating visibility, building credibility, and ultimately driving leads. That’s all…until the growth starts to happen.

So a 1-2 person marketing department, and especially a single consultant, cannot possibly handle an array of social media tools and everything outside social media that needs to get done. Does this mean you need to abandon social media? No. You just need to focus on what is likely to deliver the most value in terms of visibility and credibility.

We tend to pick 2 social media tools for each client. This is likely to be LinkedIn and Twitter. We post updates/tweets on a rigid schedule and that’s about it. Here’s why:

1. LinkedIn and Twitter are the top 2 social media tools for business.

2. We cannot do a good job with more than 2 tools.

3. We are not concerned with followers. We are more concerned with visitors for the simple reason that followers are likely to be personal connections, employees and people looking for employment. If you compare the demographics of followers and visitors for your LinkedIn account, you will see that visitors are much more likely to be decisions makers than followers.

4. Google almost never includes LinkedIn updates or tweets in search results. So as far as visibility, we would much rather spend our time on client activities that will wind up on the first page of search results.

The bottom line is that it IS necessary for small tech companies to participate in social media—just so everyone knows your company is still alive if nothing else. But social media is not a good tool for generating leads and if you ask your marketer for evidence of return, all you are going to hear is that you have additional followers, retweets, etc.—great for the ego, not so great for much else.

OK, so every time I write something like this about social media, I get a lot of feedback about how great it is and how much revenue it is generating. I don’t believe it and you shouldn’t either.

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