Branding for Small Tech Companies: Smart and Simple---Small Companies Often Get it Right

Big companies spend big money on branding campaigns that often fall apart. But a small company that spends limited marketing dollars on a focused strategy grounded in sound branding principles can become the brand to beat. An effective branding campaign with lasting results is the most complex marketing activity an organization can undertake. It is a significant project. No one should go into a branding effort half-heartedly or without a full commitment to success: A failed branding campaign is much worse than having none at all. The reason being that when it’s abandoned, clients will conclude one of three things: Your company lacks strong leadership. Your company has fallen on hard times.

Biz Dev for Tech Companies: The Big Benefits of Doing Just a Little More

It’s axiomatic that if you want to get ahead—no matter what field you’re in---you have to do more than everyone else is willing or able to do. You don’t need to work 12-hour days—you only need to do a little more than everyone else. Right now, with the emphasis on impersonal mass marketing strategies, doing a little more has never paid bigger dividends. If you’re not proud of what you’re selling, rework it until you are. Doing a little more requires a lot more strategy and a little more effort (not necessarily time) than you’re probably used to and the goal is not to waste any of it. Don’t fall into the trap of developing marketing strategy based on what everyone else is doing. There are a

Writing for Tech Companies—a Few Tips

If you’re like most busy executives, you’ve got a stack of reading material in your office and more online that you plan to get to someday. If you look at what’s actually in that stack, it’s a collection of material that you thought was important enough to save, but too lengthy to read on the spot. The goal for B2B writing is to make it on-the-spot reading wherever possible—you want to avoid the stack. You do that by creating a visual impression that the material is well organized and to the point and then you deliver on that by making the copy easy to understand and informative. Following are 10 ways to help you do that. 1. Be Concise: You are writing for upper level executives that don’t h

The Top 6 Reasons Tech Companies Fail

Success expert John Maxwell says there are 6 basic reasons that people fail to achieve what they set out to do. These 6 reasons also apply to business failures in general. Business failure in this context doesn’t mean the end of the business, rather it means failure to complete initiatives and achieve specific goals. These 6 reasons cover almost everything and are about as simple as it gets. Caveat: These are performance-related, not environmental-related reasons. However performance-related failures by far outweigh environmental-related failures. 1. Poor People Skills. Many people are excellent planners, hard workers, but don’t understand other people well. In order to be successful it’s

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