Company and Brand Names for Technology Companies

Every business wants to connect with and appeal to an audience of potential customers. One way to do that is with a memorable business/brand name. Here are six name trends currently popular among startups and new businesses. 1. 'This and That' Names This and That names are just what it sounds like: brand names composed of two words, usually nouns, to form a striking mental image. You may have heard of Rag and Bone or Cloth and Stone. To get in on this trend, pick two short words that create a sense of tension or intrigue when paired together. 2. Human Names as Brand Names A growing number of startups are putting on personable faces by christening their apps, platforms, software, and more wit

The Universal Formula for Compelling Subject Lines & Email Messages

Multiple studies have shown that the subject line is the most important factor in driving digital marketing results. You can spend hours composing a truly informative email for clients and prospects, but it’s a waste of time if no one reads it. The good news is that you have many more characters in the subject line than you’re using—about 85. The average email subject is only 45 characters. What a waste! The thinking used to be that you want the subject line to be as short and snappy as possible. With the proliferation of mobile devices subject lines were supposed to be even shorter and snappier. It was a valid argument at one time. However, the new thinking is that, as long as you put th

B2B Brand-Building Essentials

While this is true for low-ticket items, it’s surprisingly true for high ticket items as well---especially if those items are complex. Badgered on all sides to make a purchase decision on complicated technology and having few resources to verify claims, risk-averse decisions makers will go with the well branded products and services every time. The lesson for businesses with unbranded or poorly branded products and services is that when you make claims, provide hard proof of those claims in the simplest terms possible. In the buyer’s eyes, with obscure brands nothing is a given. Creating a brand is complex, mind-numbingly hard work. The good news is that once the brand is in place, the funct

The Broadening Scope of PR

The following is from an excellent 8/1/19 Public Relations Today post, Why Earned Media is Still Relevant in PR, by Dorothy Crenshaw of Crenshaw Communications. As the influence of digital and social media has soared, PR agencies that focus primarily on earned media (i.e. news and feature articles) are often warned that they’re falling behind. There are regular calls for PR services to include paid media and move on to other things. The truth is, PR has become much more than media relations. It’s also about the bottom line; the fastest way for PR agencies to grow is to offer more services, ideally those that can be automated and offered at high margins. PR agencies naturally want a piece of

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