7/28/19: 5 Ways to Predict a Trend

A trend is the distillation of a novelty---a novelty plus time. You can predict a trend by anticipating what will remain of a novelty in a year. In short, a novelty is the tidal wave and a trend is what’s left on the beach after the tidal wave recedes. Anyone can recognize a trend once the tidal wave has receded; the trick is to predict what will be left on the beach while the tidal wave is still on the horizon. Those who can do this have a significant business advantage. But being able to do this with accuracy takes practice. Following are 5 Traits of a True Trend. You can examine anything that’s still in the novelty stage to see what aspects (if any) have these traits. It is obviously usef

Is Earned Media Really More Credible than Advertising? Yes—with Some Caveats.

The following is excerpted from by Julie O'Neil’s, Marianne Eisenmann’s and Maggie Holman’s excellent 7/15/19 blog post: Is Earned Media More Credible than Advertising? The mantra of both PR and marketing experts for a long time has been that earned media is more credible than paid advertising (print and digital ads, pay-per-click, etc.). The following info is from the results of a study conducted by the authors of the original blog post. Key findings included: The greatest percentage of participants indicated and explained that they found the earned media story the most credible among the sources provided. When examining a message appearing in an earned media story, people seek out and pay

Why Both New and Mature Technology Companies Need PR

The following is from an excellent article by Dorothy Crenshaw in: Crenshaw Communications, imPRessions, public relations. A high-impact PR program can be a technology company’s greatest asset – provided it’s well conceived and skillfully executed. Public relations and influencer marketing can put a new tech company on the map. For a more mature technology business, they can help build a competitive advantage. Here’s how any tech company can benefit from the right PR campaign. PR Educates Customers and Prospects The typical B2B technology customer is an educated buyer who may research his purchase for weeks or months. Business software, for example, usually has a lengthy selling cycle and co

The Top 3 PR Service Features Clients Want the Most

Research shows that the following (in order) are the top 3 service features companies want most from their PR consultants (and apparently aren’t getting-because failure to deliver on one or more is the most common reason for firing PR consultants): 1. A Good Understanding of Your Business Your PR firm needs a good understanding of your industry, the market and who your clients and prospects are and they need to have the capacity to get up to speed quickly. This gets to be a problem with larger PR firms who are constantly changing their client’s reps. The client ends up spending an enormous amount of time educating new PR reps. 2. Excellent Writing Quality Writing quality is most likely one

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