Which Companies Benefit from SEO the Most?

While all organizations can benefit from having an SEO-friendly marketing strategy, SEO does benefit some companies more than others. Following are a few requirements for getting the maximum benefit from a search engine optimization campaign. 1. An SEO-friendly product For new products or services, SEO may not be the best channel. If no one knows that a product exists, they won't be searching for it online—although there are ways around this. On the other hand, if the company offers a product that people are already searching for online, the potential to add value through SEO is huge. 2. A product/market fit There needs to be a market that is ready to embrace what the company is offering. Th

Persuading without Manipulating

The art of persuasion is really the art of effective articulation—making an organized argument based on facts. You are translating---from concepts to words---what you are convinced is true in a way that’s structured, professional, accurate, and compelling. When it comes to persuasion, effective articulation is far more compelling than manipulation. So how do you articulate without manipulating? Establish Credibility Credibility is built on both expertise and relationship. The level of expertise your clients perceive is based on your history of exceptional knowledge, willingness to learn, and sound judgment. Your client needs to understand that you have a thorough and current understanding

The New Thought Leadership

A thought leader is essentially a trusted resource - and in an information economy - a trusted resource is extremely valuable. A thought leader can be an individual or a company with a thorough mastery of its business, its customers and the dynamics of the broader operating environment. The bottom line is that a thought leader has a significant industry edge. In order to resonate with decision makers and influencers, a successful thought leadership campaign must have quality intellectual capital that is well exposed to the market. And-- to be a thought leader – that intellectual capital must have the following attributes: It’s useful. It’s reader-friendly and technically excellent. It has fr

Advanced Push-Pull Marketing Strategy

Online/digital promotion has completely changed the definition of Push-Pull Marketing. Marketing strategies - such as emotional appeals - that have been sound for decades are now obsolete. The textbook Push-Pull definitions are roughly this: [if !supportLists]· [endif]Push marketing refers to marketing through the supply chain – specifically by incentivizing wholesalers and distributors - rather than marketing directly to consumers. [if !supportLists]· [endif]Pull marketing is marketing directly to the consumer. But marketers have broadly been referring to Push marketing as what happens when the company seeks out the consumer and Pull as what happens when the consumer seeks out the

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