New Content Strategy for B2Bs

The strategy for creating text for documents that relate to B2B technical products and services is changing. Here are 3 reasons why: 1. The Proliferation of Mobile Devices It’s not true that mobile device users have a shorter attention span, or that they are less willing to read long copy than laptop and desktop readers. In fact, the opposite can be true. Most people bring either a phone or tablet into meetings and seminars. Not only is this a time saver, but it’s a sanity saver as well. Stuck in a boring meeting with nothing else to do, people will read long emails and attachments that they would otherwise delete. The only real consideration for creating mobile-friendly content is to eli

Brand Building for B2Bs

From the buyer's perspective, a strong brand means accountability. For example, if I have the choice of getting my car repaired at the local repair shop or at the dealer – most things being equal – I’ll choose the dealer because the dealer’s brand is an implied guarantee. Brands are most important in segments – like car repair - where the perceived range of product and service quality is great and quality is hard for the average person to determine before the purchase. Consider the grocery store. People tend to choose name brands for product categories with: A wide variation in quality Quality that’s difficult to judge before the purchase But they’ll choose generic brands for straightforward

The Nature of Strong Business Relationships

While there are similarities between personal and business relationships, they are significantly different in a number of important aspects. Many people have found this out the hard way and ruined, what otherwise would have been, a wonderful long-term relationship with a client. Following are 2 ways that business relationships are similar to personal relationships and 6 ways they are different. Similarities Time: They both require time to develop. Just as you can’t expect to have a strong personal relationship after one or two encounters, you can’t create a strong business relationship at a single networking event. Networking events are for introductions, not instant business. Mutual Respec

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