Meaningful Differentiation

Many people want to create something new, but don’t know how to come up with and develop differentiators that their market will embrace. That’s what this is about – explaining the necessary elements of successful differentiation; identifying the best differentiating strategies for your type of business; explaining a proven brainstorming technique; and showing how your customers can help. That’s a lot for one article to tackle, so if you want to delve deeper into any of this, you’ll find a list of resources at the end. This isn’t about outwitting your competition. In fact, this isn’t about your competition at all. It’s about coming up with an idea that is so great it will make everyone and e

Marketing with Maslow

There may be features of your products and services that you take for granted, but are untapped and powerful buying incentives for your customers. Just for a second, forget about price, quality, and service. Then ask the expert on motivation – psychologist Abraham Maslow. OK – so you can’t actually ask him, but you can use his famed Pyramid of Hierarchal Needs to unearth those hidden incentives. The idea is: The further down the pyramid you go, the stronger the motivation. For example, if you were selling in-home oxygen tanks, the biological appeal – the ability to prolong life – would be stronger than the safety appeal – fire prevention features. Market from the Lowest Legitimate Tier This

Low Risk Differentiation

There are many differentiation experts and dozens of resources on differentiation. Many of their theories are well thought out and make sense. The disconnect comes when business owners and executives try to make the connection between theory and the real world knowing that a mistake can be disastrous—something most experts fail to grasp. 1. Base the Idea on Insight, Not Market Research Assuming that you have some experience and expertise in this particular industry and you’ve put a lot of thought into this, start with the idea, not the research. Organizations (and individuals) that depend on market research to come up with the next big idea end up with the next mediocre idea. Once you have y

Integrated Marketing Strategy

There have never been as many excellent marketing tools available as there are now. Many of them are critical for capitalizing on the new buying process. These tools include: Select Social Media Utilities Leveraged Content Marketing Search Engine Optimization Print/Broadcast Misc. (tradeshows, events, contests, direct mail, etc.) Marketing Software Because of this, marketing is now a highly complex and strategic science. What hasn’t changed is that high quality copy is still the foundation of every successful marketing effort. The New Buying Process This process is the primary driver of today’s marketing strategy. Instead of customers going directly to a physical or virtual store or reaching

4 Obvious Indicators of a Quality Organization

9/3/18: 4 Obvious Indicators of a Quality Organization When we say that certain people have quality what we mean is that they demonstrate good taste, are well groomed, have impeccable manners, and accomplish all of this consistently---these traits are obvious. Not surprisingly, these same 4 traits that indicate obvious quality in a person also indicate quality in an organization that clients and prospects notice. 1. Good Taste Think refinement and elegance. For a while, every lunch seminar I went to included sub sandwiches, little bags of potato chips, bottled water, and a big cookie in a cellophane wrapper. There is nothing tasteful about this. Not everyone wants a giant sandwich and a gia

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