A Few Myths about Public Relations for Tech Companies

The following is a condensed version of an April 24, 2018 TechCrunch post. MYTH 1: Hiring a PR consultant waste of money for most startups. Good PR gets you noticed. With traditional media viewership down and media ingestion fractured, it’s actually more important now than it was before. However, you need to make sure that you can onboard and convert whoever finds your product or service. The issue with PR is that when your product is not ready or you don’t have your onboarding straight, you’re going to lose prospective customers. MYTH 2: PR is not rocket science. It’s not hard to get a media placement here and there, but only consistency leads to success. PR professionals know how to get co

Why does SEO seem so frustrating?

Marketing is a surprisingly high pressure job in some organizations. They have the same imperative to deliver ROI as salespeople—yet, unlike salespeople—so much of it is out of their control. So with all this pressure and, in many cases, not much job security, marketers are supposed to have mastered search engine optimization. If the company isn’t in the first page of search results for basic terms that are relevant to the organization, some managers will want to know why. The truth is that SEO is a specialization that takes a long time to learn and requires a significant amount of time to stay on top of. I would compare it to database management—which I would point out—is actually a colle

The Benefits of Online Media Release Distribution

The goals of traditional media releases--increasing an organization’s visibility and credibility and announcing news are now equally as important as new goals that traditional media releases cannot accomplish. These new goals include: Reaching prospects directly Search engine optimization Creating online content As opposed to traditional media releases, which are a channel for communicating only with the media; online media releases reach both the media and the public directly. There is currently no more cost-effective tool for quickly building and maintaining the online visibility that is critical for success in today’s market than strategically written, optimized, and distributed media rel

The Best Long Tail Search Tool (or Why I love Authority Labs). Hint: Evidence is better than advice.

First of all, my business may be public relations, but my background is in statistics. So I am always looking for statistically sound tools that can be used for long tail search analysis. And there are a ton of tools out there—so many that this one almost slipped through the cracks. Most are either too complicated for what I need, too simple to provide meaningful information or just flawed—they don’t account for enough variables. Authority Labs is a brilliantly engineered SEO tool that provides near real time and accurate information—I did some random checking on the status of key terms. The icing on the cake is that you can download and print out reports. I can go on and on about how valua

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