How Can I Get Things Done at Work When Everyone is Gone?

Here's some advice for small tech companies: There are three times every year when most offices empty out: Now--Winter holidays: The week before Thanksgiving, the weeks before and after Christmas and the week after New Years The weeks before and after Easter Late July and early August If you’re at work during these times, you’ve noticed that, without all the meetings and interruptions, you get a lot of work done. But on the other hand, it’s frustrating when the people you collaborate with daily are gone. So here are some tips for forging ahead when your fellow forgers are on vacay. 1. Plan Ahead Schedule and complete your people dependent projects for times when people are likely to be arou

What Can Small Tech Companies Expect from Public Relations?

So you’re interested in public relations, but you aren’t really sure how it can specifically help your business. Depending on your goals and the quality of the overall program, PR will: Dramatically improve your visibility both immediately and long term Pull sales out of a slump Strengthen your relationships with clients Convince prospects to buy Uncover new prospects Increase search engine rank Support a product launch or marketing effort Reposition a mature product Develop and strengthen your brand Position your company as a leader Provide instant feedback on your products/services Communicate key information to employees Further your organization’s policies and goals Deliver leads Now, d

Why do small tech companies have a problem with PR consultants?

Research shows that there are three reasons. And they are the same reasons that most small businesses, in particular, have issues with public relations: 1. A poor understanding of the client’s business/industry. 2. Subpar writing quality. 3. Extra add-ons and fees. For the record, our clients have never had issues with us in any of these areas, because we are aware of these traditional problems and have worked hard to eliminate them. So this is what we offer: 1. A Good Understanding of Each Client’s Business. We have a deep understanding of the technology industry and the market for those products and services. This is a very difficult sector to stay on top of, but we set aside a signif

Better to Master a Few Marketing Tools that Align with Goals

Organizations that are using new and new-ish marketing tools effectively have mastered them. If you’re like every other person trying to keep up with the flood of new marketing options it should come as a relief to know that your greatest success is going to come through mastering 2-4 tools, rather than trying to keep up with the 20+ that you think you should be using. Very large organizations, like Target Corp., have the resources to fully leverage every marketing tool available, but the vast majority of businesses do not. In fact most of us spent a lot of time driving ourselves crazy by trying to incorporate every social, digital, direct, indirect, print/broadcast, automated, etc. tool

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