5 Signs that Your Tech Company Needs to Do Something about Marketing

More wisdom from my HBR marketing mentor-5 signs that your organization’s marketing needs some work: Declining sales. No need to elaborate here. Sales are flat and your company needs a growth strategy. Sometimes that means you need to add to your marketing team. Sometimes it means your marketing team needs to work more closely with sales. No organization can really grow without support from marketing. Why? Because effective marketing projects your company as a winner, no matter what the reality. Everyone would rather do business with a winner. Sales pass through high and low seasons that need to be leveled. This requires a strategy adjustment, but marketing can’t do this alone. Sales are O

A Smarter Approach to Landing Pages for Technology Companies

So you have a ton of traffic going to your (non-ecommerce) website, but almost no one filling out contact forms, engaging in live chat, or responding via email or phone. In other words, a lot of traffic but no leads. If your sales team is confident in what you are selling and the market is steady, it’s time to start rethinking your landing pages. Following are a few basic rules for creating landing pages that capture leads: Offer something of value in exchange for contact information—you don’t have to create something yourself. For example, it can be an informative article from a technology publication. We use MIT Review articles sometimes. There is a fee involved, but it’s not that much.

A Smart Social Media Strategy for Small Tech Companies

Most of the social media advice for marketers applies to large, not small companies. A large company with a 10+ person marketing department has the resources it needs to be active on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest, SlideShare…A large company doesn’t need to depend on social media for branding and driving leads. Small tech companies, and I am referring to tech companies here because this is a market we are familiar with, need to focus marketing efforts on creating visibility, building credibility, and ultimately driving leads. That’s all…until the growth starts to happen. So a 1-2 person marketing department, and especially a single consultant, cannot possibly han

What is the most important marketing advice for tech companies?

Answer: The person(s) that are handling your marketing need a thorough knowledge of your particular business in order to deliver value. Marketing expertise is secondary, industry expertise is tertiary. Of the three most common complaints about marketing and public relations consultants, #1 is They don’t understand our business (#2 is extra fees and #3 is poor writing quality). The conventional wisdom for both marketing and public relations has been that you want employees and consultants that know your industry. This is not as important as it used to be for 2 reasons: 1. The tech industry has become extremely fragmented. 2. The tech industry is moving at lightning speed. There is no one t

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