What small business owners and marketers need to know about Google penalties.

Google doesn’t hand out penalties lightly, but when it does, it comes as a shock to most business owners/marketers/webmasters—and serves as a reminder of just how much power Google has. Google doesn’t ask for much, just that we all play by the rules and don’t try to game the system. Following are a few things that Google does not like: Pages with little useful content, including pages that are set up just to capture search traffic (thin slicing). Pages that appear to be outliers and don’t mesh well with the rest of the site. Pages that contain content not relevant to metatags (i.e. description leads searchers to believe the page contains information that it does not actually provide). Pages

Marketing Advice for Small Companies: Counterintuitive Negotiation Tips that Level the Playing Field

It makes sense, right? The person that makes the first offer loses? Not always. In fact, the opposite can be true. Following are 5 things small companies need to know about negotiations that may create an edge. 1. It can be advantageous to make the opening offer. Here’s what the experts say. First of all, most negotiations don’t start with an offer, they start with something far more important, which is each party’s position. There is some advantage to getting the other party to reveal his position first and that’s where you should be focusing your efforts. As far as the offer goes, if you’ve done your homework and you know the market and roughly what the other party is prepared to offe

Conundrum: What if I can't find the original source for articles and graphics? Hint: start here.

We just updated our own set of editorial guidelines for republishing content in today’s digital environment. It's yours to use as long as you refer to it as the SPRC Fair Use, Attribution Guidelines. The revised guidelines reflect the continuing evolution of what is generally considered fair use. There is a middle ground between the standard of express written permission and what is trending toward a Wild West with no permissions and no attributions. We hope this will at least start a conversation. The full document follows: SPRC Fair-Use/Attribution Guidelines Because Smart PR Communications represents technology and scientific companies, we perform a significant amount of research for medi

Why do marketing consultants for small technology companies need to predict trends?

Because, owing to subjectivity and a lack of resources, this is actually very difficult for most technology companies to do in house. Consultants that know their clients well should be able to both predict trends and suggest products and services that align with those trends, but it does require a deep knowledge of each client’s business, a significant degree of trend-predicting expertise and a track record of accuracy. You can predict a trend by anticipating what will remain of a novelty as soon as it is no longer a novelty. In short, a novelty is the tidal wave and a trend is what’s left on the beach after the tidal wave recedes. Anyone can recognize a trend once the tidal wave has receded

What is a Smart Marketing Strategy for Small Technology Companies?

One of the best ways for small technology companies to get off the ground fast is through long-tail key terms. Long-tail key term strategy refers to focusing on a large number of highly relevant key terms with low search volume (often 0-9 per month) rather than a few key terms with high search volume: for example, instead of HPC Cluster, Custom HPC Cluster Solution Provider (relevant key terms that attract buyers average 4 words). Surprisingly, one-word key terms account for only 2.8% of all the terms people search with, while long-tail key terms make up around 40%. Even more surprising (to me anyway) is that 16-20% of daily Google searches are for completely new phrases that have NEVER been

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